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Clergy Vestments

With our trademark designs and sought-after fabrics, Robes of Faith has a sterling industry reputation for producing the highest quality vestments, robes and clerical wear!

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Visit the Danielle Design collection - A complete line of apparel and accessories for Women in Ministry, WMS, YPD, Lay and Daughters of Sarah. Click Here to see our latest designs.

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Review our Robes of Faith Product Index to shop for the finest in church vestments, clerical wear, jewelry and more!! CLICK HERE

Custom-Designed AME Crosses and Anvils, gold and silver chains (made to your specificaions), Organizational Cufflinks and Lapel pins.



CLICK HERE for our new feature products and custom designs being produced for customers around the globe!

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Please send payments to:

Robes of Faith

295 Seven Farms Drive, C-155

Charleston, South Carolina 29492

Phone: 404-286-2100

Linda McIntyre, Manager - Georgia Office

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Quality, Custom Designed Vestments,

 Bishop Robes and Clerical Wear

The Late Henri L. White

F. Danielle White   Founders 1988

Official Designer for AME Clergy Robes, Apparel and Paraments

6 Piece Parament Set $250

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